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10% of our profits go to feed the homeless, and to supportive services to the elderly and children at risk.

By doing business with our company, you are also helping others.

Our company has been blessed, and we feel strongly about paying it forward.

On her off-time Holly works in neighborhoods building relationships with the homeless, the elderly, single moms and children at risk. Her firm belief? People who play together, don’t fight. This is the easiest way to create peace at the community level.

Meadowlark Park, Wichita KS
Meadowlark Park, Wichita KS

We also believe that developing first name relationships with those who serve our city, is the best way to engender peaceful resolution of issues at the city level.

In fact, when a neighborhood works together to create joy, it is amazing the great things that can happen!

The creation of Meadowlark Park, in southeast Wichita, is the result of many determined volunteer residents who wanted to leave something good for those who come behind us. We love seeing young and old enjoying the legacy we have created.

“To be honest, I picked 2C to create my custom website, because I saw that they give back to the community. Of all the companies that I interviewed, I was most impressed by the ethics and mission statement of this company. Real integrity.” Jerry F, Andover, KS

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