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Website Development & eCommerce Pioneer - Our Founder's Story

Our Wichita web development company was created in 1996, by our founder, and CEO, Holly Nelson, and her colleague, Karen Rafferty.

Karen, a 4’5″ ex-CIA operative and Military consultant, was working with high profile clients in Las Vegas, doing data work, IT security, and had just started to offer her clients website development.

Kool Cat Shopping CartHolly was becoming an expert in the much simpler world of SEO (oh, for the good old days), and was pursuing eCommerce in its infancy. She developed shopping carts for client before there were shopping carts, then moved into the first commercial one, called Kool Cat. That thing was UGLY. Can you imagine it? Blue hyperlinks, grey boxes, square pictures. That was it. A marketers dream. NOT.

Their specialties fit together perfectly and they found themselves collaborating on joint projects, more and more often. Realizing that it was the natural thing to do, they decided to partner under a new name. But what name?

During a 1 am, 10 cups of coffee strategy session, Holly remembered what one professor, at the WSU School of Entrepreneurship, had taught.

The criteria for a good company name is:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • catchy and memorable

She slowly verbalized her way through the outline. “We are chicks. There are two of us. We do computer stuff.”

Voilà! 2 Computer Chicks

2 Computer ChicksThis new venture became a sought-after international web design, eCommerce, and SEO business for the next 10 years. They weren’t just successful for their cutting-edge development work, but also for the intuitive way they cared for, and empowered their clients.

They won awards, met lots of people in many industries, and enjoyed being those rare few 1% of women in tech. It was amazing discovering this new industry with fellow geeks at InfoSeek, AltaVista and Yahoo. Ah, the good old days of tech, when almost everybody knew everybody else.

Then…out went THAT Chick…in came the Dudes…And the CMO…

Then, Karen retired, and the company grew. And a new chick came on board. Read more about our team here.

It was time to change our brand name to be all inclusive. Standing by our original 2C(omputerchicks.com) we changed our name to 2C Development Group.

And while we have grown, our CEO still answers the phone, and treats every client as though they were the only one we had.

For that personalized customer service, call Holly at 316-686-2284 or let’s chat!