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User Testing and Analytics Service

What if you could spy on your website visitors and see exactly how they interact with your site? What would you learn?

Find your hottest opportunities for business growth today.

With our User Analytics Implementation & Audit Service you will:

  • Understand what users want, care about and interact with on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.
  • Identify usability issues by watching recordings of real visitors on your site as they click, tap, move their cursor, type and navigate across pages.
  • Find the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by identifying on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site.
  • Improve online form completion rates by discovering when and why your visitors abandon your forms.
  • Understand what your web and mobile visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it by targeting time or event based questions.
  • Collect deeper insights from your customers as soon as they convert, or visitors before they abandon, using responsive surveys that work on any device.