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All the website services you need under one roof.

Website Basics

In order to have an online site, you need to purchase certain basics first. Keep in mind that it is a lot easier if you don’t have multiple third parties to contact. That is a waste of your precious time.

We offer everything you need under one roof:

Performance Websites

Our 100% custom performance websites are built from lessons learned from decades of user data to solve usability problems and convert users. This will change your viewpoint on what a website can actually do for your organization.

We offer these services:

eCommerce Sites

We pioneered eCommerce in the 1990’s. Having grown up in the industry, we have learned a lot about how users want an online shopping experience to go.

We put that experience into your eCommerce site. In order for you to improve your bottom line, we must improve the user experience.

We build eCommerce sites using:

We can help you communicate. We can help you think like your customers.

Inbound Marketing

Nobody likes to be pushed. Yet, do you know how many sites do their marketing that way? You need inbound marketing NOW! Build a better future for your business by pulling your customers to you, rather than pushing them.

You need these to pull your visitors to you:

Website Consulting

Perhaps one of the ways we excel most with our clients is in our heavy, up-front analysis of their business, their industry, their online competition, and ways to improve their current website. Solving problems is our flagship solution.

We will consult with you through the following packages:

Rave Review from Client, Dave Stedman, Candle-licious.comI have never come across one other company that offers website services, that, in my eyes, was flawless, until I came across 2C Development Group. They have surpassed all my expectations: website design, development, consulting, and customer service. I would like to say “thank you” for all your hard work and dedication. I highly recommend your company to everyone. ~ Lawrence Butler