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Miva Multi-Seat Billing FAQ

In this FAQ, we outline all of the details of the upcoming Miva Multi-Seat Billing structure. When it will start, who it will affect, and how to understand it.

Miva Multi-Seat Billing is Coming

On Thursday, October 9, 2014 Miva sent out an email to it’s users stating, “Starting with the release of Version 9, Miva Merchant is changing to a per-administrative seat pricing model. Every installation of Miva will come with 1 simultaneous user. If a merchant needs 2 or more people logged into the Miva Merchant admin at the same time, they will need to purchase additional seats which cost $50/seat per month. These changes have no impact on the front end of the website.”

Who is restricted?

Brennan Heyde, VP Developer Relations, told us that their own professional services team will have the same restrictions as third party developers, such as our company.

A follow-up with President, Rick Wilson, produced a little more information.

“Our theory is really simple, if you can afford a second employee to work on the site (be it direct, a third party dev or our dev team) then obviously $50 per month is not a problem. The ONLY exception to that is our Support team will have the ability to temporarily bypass the restriction while a ticket is open, but that’s not for paid service. That is limited only to the included free support. One other thing to note, is that Dev sites have their own pool. So even if you only have 1 license, the store owner can be in the live store and you the dev can be in the dev store without issue. Additionally, you can be logged in from the same browser multiple times with the same account without issue.”

What is the new user restriction?

If multiple people need to be logged in at the same time, you (the client) will need to purchase additional “seats”.

Example: A store owner, several employees, and developer(s) are working on the same site at the exact same time.

How does this affect Miva store owners?

In some cases, having a store with a single license will be sufficient, but in some cases you (the Miva store owner) will need to buy an extra seat:

  • Temporarily, for the duration of a development period.
  • Ongoing, in the case of multiple people (webmaster/employees/owners) needing in at the same time.

How does this affect Miva developers?

If a client is having a new store built and you needed multiple developers logged into the admin at the same time, the store owner could purchase an additional license for the duration for the site build then revert back down to one license when it goes live.

Seats are purchased on a month to month basis so it can be very flexible.

It is also worth noting that as an admin user you have the ability to see who is logged in currently and “kick out” another user if you wanted to share access that way.

Non-Compliance Fees

On February 12th Miva Merchant sites that have not upgraded to Merchant 9 will be charged a PCI Non-Compliance fee. While this might seem punitive to some, we understand that the point of this is to keep all Miva stores using the most secure and PCI-Compliant version of the platform.

Folks that have stayed behind in Miva 4, have already been paying a monthly non-compliance fee, so this is just an extension of that. It is best to contact Miva for information on how much this fee will be.

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Final Note

According to Miva, “this change is not meant to penalize developers or store owners. We’re making this change to better serve the low end market as well as the high end market.”

Go here to see the official details of the Miva Multi-Seat Billing FAQ.

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